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Do you have a boat? Is it in bad shape or maybe in need of some kind of repairs? We’re the experts that can take on the task. We’ll handle all kinds of boat repair and restoration tasks so that they’re completed properly and to your liking. At our boat storage and repair company, we make sure that you get the results that you’re looking for. We know the look and condition of your boat is important to you which is why we make sure to complete each job to your standards. MOA Marine Center is a company that you can turn to.

The Services That We Can Provide

Boat Repair

Boat Repair
If you have a boat that is not in excellent condition, we can help. We'll perform the proper repair services so that you have a solid, sturdy, and appealing boat that will last for years to come. Whether it's a minor repair or something more complex, we can handle it all to your standards. 

Full Boat Restoration

Full Boat Restoration
Not all boats are in the proper condition to be repaired, and that's why restorations are necessary. We can restore boats to your liking from edge to edge so that they're to your liking. Whether your boat needs a simple painting or some in-depth restorations, we're the professionals that you can turn to. 

Boat Painting

Boat Painting
A fresh new coat of paint on your boat could do it justice, and we're the experts that can help make it happen. We'll use the right kind of paint to ensure that the results are long-lasting, appealing, and to your standards. With our services, you'll get the ideal results each time.

Fiberglass Services

Fiberglass Services
Fiberglass is often used on the exterior areas of the boat. If the existing fiberglass is scratched, damaged, or in need of some kind of servicing, we're the professionals that can tend to it. We'll perform the repair and restoration services as needed. Leave the fiberglass boat repair to us.

Boat Mechanical Repair

Boat Mechanical Repair
There are different mechanical aspects to your boat, and if they need to be repaired, we know how to do the job. We'll test the mechanics of the boat to ensure that everything is working properly. You'll have a boat that is fully functional in no time. Trust us with the task. 
Boat Storage
If you need to have your boat stored for some time when you're not having it out on the water, we can help. We'll provide you with safe, secure, and affordable storage options for your boat. Turn to our professionals to handle the job as needed regardless of the details.

Looking for an Dependable Fiberglass Canoe Repair in Miami, FL? Look no further!

We offer affordable boat repair services and can ensure that you get the results you’re looking for. No boat or service is too small or big for us to handle. We’re a team of experts in Miami, FL that will do it all for you.

About our Affordable Boat Repair in Miami, FL!

Our experts will evaluate the condition of your boat as well as the necessary repairs to get it looking good. MOA Marine Center will make sure to always provide quality boat repair services so leave it to us.

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If you are interested in working with our boat repair service in Miami, FL, just give us a call now to schedule your appointment! Explore our blog post for more ideas and tips of boat repair services in Miami, FL.

Client’s Testimonial

by Riley R. on MOA Marine Center

This boat storage and repair company got my boat looking brand new with their fiberglass repairs. They did an awesome job with it all. I even trusted them to do some minor mechanical work. It was great and affordable!

Trista Genovese
Trista Genovese
I have been using this boat storage facility for over a year now, and I am thoroughly impressed with their service. The staff is friendly and always available to help. The facility is well-maintained and secure, and my boat has never been damaged. Highly recommend!
Nick H
Nick H
Very helpful
Dorothy Brown
Dorothy Brown
I've used this boat storage company twice now, and I'm very happy with the results. They were fast, efficient, and professional. They treated my boat like it was their own--I didn't have to worry about anything while they worked on it!

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